In the steampunk crime world, keep your enemies close, your friends closer and your family within dagger’s reach!

Pork Filled Productions presents the world premiere of A Hand of Talons by Maggie Lee (The Clockwork Professor, The Tumbleweed Zephyr), directed by Amy Poisson (These Streets, The Clockwork Professor, Blood/Water/Paint, Fast Company, The Tumbleweed Zephyr), at the Theatre Off Jackson (409 7th Ave. S., Seattle), April 29 to May 21, 2016.

This Old West scf-fi adventure returns to the thrilling, steampunk-inspired universe of our 2013 production The Clockwork Professor.
Live Girls! Theater announces the World Premiere of Blood/Water/Paint by Joy McCullough-Carranza, directed by Amy Poisson.
When cons are the family business, watch your back—because it’s not just about the score, it’s about who you can trust! Pork Filled Productions is proud to present the Northwest premiere of Fast Company by Carla Ching, directed by Amy Poisson (These Streets, The Clockwork Professor), at the Theatre Off Jackson (409 7th Ave. S., Seattle), from November 1 to 22, 2014.
Wind up your gears, polish your best goggles, and fire up your airship for a smashing adventure this summer!

These Streets is an original piece of theatre based on over 40 interviews with the people who lived it. These Streets is a gritty, funny, and powerful fictional story where the characters’ past and present lives collide with their past and present music, played and sung by the performers and a live band. These Streets was performed at ACT Theatre between Feb 21 – Mar 7, 2013.

Happiness is precarious in Allison Mooreʼs The Strange Misadventures of Patty, Pattyʼs Dad, Pattyʼs Friend Jen and a Bunch of Other People: Patty, a rising young economist whose best friend Jen has superpowers, has a life full of promise and dance numbers—which is abruptly derailed by the arrival of her estranged, alcoholic father, whoʼs just had a stroke. The Strange Misadventures of Patty juggles delightful fantasy, social comedy, economic theory, and harsh reality with vivid language and wild physicality. Directed by Amy Poisson.